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Our New Year’s resolution

Pension Sense blog | January 8, 2020

Most folks’ New Year’s resolutions are about exercising more, eating healthy or saving more money.

One of CalSTRS’ New Year’s resolutions is to keep up an annual tradition: learning from you.

In January, we are launching our Annual Member Survey. If you receive the survey, you’ll have an opportunity to share insights about your experience with CalSTRS in 2019.

Young teacher with curly brown hair works with students using tablets in a classroom.

We partner with you throughout your career and retirement, and we want to hear from you.

This year, in addition to questions gauging your satisfaction with CalSTRS, we are asking educators where you receive information on retirement planning.

Our aim is to incorporate your feedback into our communications to better serve you in the future.

The Annual Member Survey is sent electronically, so if you’ve registered on myCalSTRS, your email address is eligible. No need to worry if you don’t receive the survey this year—recipients are selected randomly and include members at every stage of their careers or retirement to provide a complete perspective.

If you don’t receive the survey and want to tell us what you think, you can always drop us a line any time using our online messaging system.

Here’s a summary of our most recent completed survey, which was presented to the Teachers’ Retirement Board at its November 2019 meeting.

Three key findings:

  • Feelings of preparedness increase with each life stage
  • 49% of active members feel financially well-prepared for retirement
  • 78% of active members age 60+ feel well-prepared financially

Engaging with CalSTRS is a great educational tool for members—whether you’re 24 or 64—to generate a proper outlook of your fiscal future and discover ways to compound your dollars as the years pass.

When we learn about your needs as a future or current CalSTRS retiree, we become a better ally to you and your peers statewide.

Happy New Year to all!