Principles and Governance


CalSTRS defines sustainability as the framework that governs our organizational business culture. Sustainable objectives are fully integrated into our everyday business practices at every level of our business operations.

From member services to investment strategy, our sustainable practices seek to create long-term value, promote stewardship of our natural resources and sustain the financial integrity of the fund for the benefit of our members and our community. We believe that establishing a corporate environment with sustainable values is a blueprint for better governance and increased profitability.


Ongoing, collaborative stakeholder engagement is vital to our business operations and sustainability practices. CalSTRS defines stakeholders as any of the following who either directly or indirectly affect or may be affected by the activities of CalSTRS:

  • Members
  • Member organizations
  • Employees
  • Policymakers
  • Governmental agencies
  • Companies
  • Business organizations

Our stakeholders offer important and influential voices in the financial and business operations of CalSTRS. We consider the dialogue obtained from engagement with our stakeholders as necessary to strengthen our business operations.