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As a part-time educator, we suggest the below webinars to get you started. Learn how to make the most of your CalSTRS membership below.

COVID-19 updates

To protect our members in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have formatted our in-person workshops to online webinars. We are committed to providing the same educational workshops in webinar format so you can continue to take an active role in your retirement from the safety of your home.

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Part-time Educator

If you want to find out more about the CalSTRS benefits and services you have access to as a part-time educator, this webinar is for you. You’ll compare the two benefit programs that may be available to you and determine which program you’re currently paying into. You’ll learn about ways to increase your retirement income, the importance of supplemental savings and considerations to keep in mind throughout your career. You’re helping students build their future, don’t forget about yours.


Considerations for Part-time Educators

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Saving for retirement may seem far from your mind right now, but supplemental savings are essential to ensuring you have enough money to retire comfortably. Due to compound interest, saving earlier in your career is far more valuable than saving later. The CalSTRS Pension2® program works in tandem with your Defined Benefit Program and Defined Benefit Supplement accounts. Join this online workshop to see why saving now with Pension2 is important.

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Consolidation of Benefits

If you plan to retire under the Defined Benefit Program, the amount of service credit you have at retirement is important for calculating your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Consolidating your Cash Balance Benefit and your Defined Benefit service credit may help increase the monthly benefit you’ll receive when you retire. Find out if consolidating your benefits is right for you, and the process to do so, by attending this webinar.

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