Photo gallery

Photo Gallery

Cecelia Agegian sits with her winning students at Shepherd School who received recognition in the National Safety Traffic Poster Contest in 19871967 thank-you letter to Oliva De Jane from one of her devoted students at Hollywood High SchoolAnne Murdock's 1969-1970 classroom yearbook photosClaymon Knudtson teaching arts and crafts to students at Palisades School on August 12, 1965Lea (Olgiati) Wood's second grade class at Noddin School watches a special guest presentationPresident Nixon greets Thomas Harris on April 23, 1971, to screen 991 pending federal bills on Social Security and MedicareBrenda Newbold's students in the Los Angeles Unified School DistrictCharol Lane educating young minds at Yulupa School in Sonoma County from 1993-2006Frances Obler discussing the school musical with Sunny Hills High School's three principalsLucielle Jenssen stands with her class for their portrait in 1949 at Grandview School in Manhattan Beach, CaliforniaRosemarie Cortez Vierra and her student Anna, whom she saved with CPR in 1981Bill Bird was the only full-time instructor in Floral Design at Pierce Community College, where he taught from 1968-1995Harriet Howard's first class photo in 1950 at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary school in Compton, CaliforniaJennie R. Quan receiving the Human Rights Award from Ed Foglia, California Teachers Association President, in 1991Nancy Davis stands with students at Torrance High School where she was an educator from 1962-1985Greg Ruiz and his third grade class in September 1995 at Ronald L. Rheem Elementary School in the Moraga School DistrictCarolyn Burns and her class wearing "talking clothes," a personal collection of fabrics from West AfricaMalcolm Gerstein displays a WW1 German Fokker tri-plane he built that hangs in one of the Goddard Middle School's history classrooms. The hobby, along with photography, stamp collecting, traveling, hunting and fishing keeps the retired teacher as busy as ever. Rose Kempton and her students honoring veterans at a Memorial Day ceremony that she created and ran for 20 years. Lyn and Bernice Levens taught a combined 88 years in the Hacienda La Puente School District.Dennis Hill submitted his finest single-problem creation over a 44-year career of teaching mathematics at El Monte High School. It illustrates the concept of extraneous roots, three of which appear on the way to the only root that works.Ken Crowther with his class on his 60th birthday - coincidentally, it was also his last day of teaching high school after 35 years.Marilyn Desbrow retired in 2007 after 39 years of teaching. She has fond memories of film projectors, the first Xerox machines, and the "modern" Apple IIe computers.1915 Rules for Teachers - courtesy of the Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum. Sylvia Ramirez and her adult students at MiraCosta College. Sylvia taught noncredit English as a Second Language from 1973 until she retired in May 2012.Photos of Lois Salisbury, when she began teaching at 22, and later at 60 in 1987 after teaching for 37 years.Cynthia Kinney taught 33 years at Hemet High School in Southern California before retiring in 2010. This photo was taken shortly before a Theater and Dance performance. On February 13,1986 Russell Elwell became the first teacher to go into "inner space". He descended over 2,000 feet in the ocean on the U.S. Navy Deep Submergence Vessel "Sea Cliff" and became a Honorary Hydronaut.

Thank you to our members who have submitted their photos, illustrations and publications from their time as California public school teachers.

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