CalSTRS Business Partner Registration
Frequently Asked Questions


Vendors interested in submitting bids or responses to CalSTRS business opportunities are encouraged to register in our online accounting system, the Supplier Self-Service Portal (SUS).

Registration in the SUS portal allows CalSTRS to establish a contract, purchase order and to schedule payments.

Please contact Partners at to request a registration form and instructions.

Registration Process

How do I register with CalSTRS?

Contact CalSTRS Partners at to request business partner registration materials:

  • A Business Partner Form
  • A link to our online supplier self-service registration page

Once you have fully completed this two-step process, CalSTRS will assist you in establishing a business profile that you may access with your own unique user ID and password.

How long does the business partner registration process take?

Your business profile should be generated within three to five business days after we receive both your correctly completed Business Partner Form and your online registration.

I completed the supplier self-registration but have not received any confirmation that my registration was accepted.  How do I know if I am registered?

CalSTRS’ business partner registration is a two-step process in which both of the following are required:

  1. Supplier self-registration
  2. A completed Business Partner Form

Your registration will be accepted and a business profile will be generated only upon completion of both steps. Please notify CalSTRS Partners at that you have completed the online registration and request a Business Partner Form to be sent to you.

Why Register?

Why does CalSTRS require me to register as a business partner?

The business partner registration process enables CalSTRS to keep an accurate record of your company and payment information and allows us to maintain the data required to meet our tax reporting obligations. Registration is necessary to process contracts, purchase orders and payments.

Will registration in the Supplier Self-Service Portal allow me to view business opportunities at CalSTRS?

Business opportunities are not posted in the Supplier Self-Service Portal. For more information, see Doing Business with CalSTRS.

Is registration in the Supplier Self-Service Portal required to view business opportunities?

CalSTRS and other State of California business opportunities may be viewed at the Department of General Services’ Cal eProcure and on There is no need to register to view opportunities.

For more information, see Doing Business with CalSTRS.

Account Maintenance

I recently relocated and will need to change my address on my business profile. How do I have it updated?

Any change to your business profile on the payment system must be submitted through the Business Partner Form. Please contact for the Business Partner Form.

My Small Business and/or Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise certification was recently renewed with the Department of General Services. Do I have to complete the entire registration process again?

No, you do not need to re-register. Please send the certification number and new expiration date to and we will update your business profile.

Why isn’t a W-9 or Payee Data Record (STD 204) form sufficient enough for documentation?

The W-9 and STD 204 forms do not contain all of the necessary information to determine CalSTRS’ both federal and state tax reporting requirements. The CalSTRS Business Partner Form is more complete in that it is designed to capture both federal and state tax reporting requirements for both foreign and domestic vendors. In addition, it also allows for multiple alternate payment addresses.

I was attempting to register but received an error message stating, “This page can’t be displayed” (or another error message), what should I do?

  • Ensure you are using one of the two compatible browsers, Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher) or Firefox. Other browsers such as Chrome, for example, may result in errors.
  • Clear your browser history, temporary internet files and cookies. This can be done in Internet Explorer by accessing your Internet Options using the “Tools” menu then selecting “Delete” under Browsing History. In the window that appears, check the boxes for Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History (at a minimum) then select “Delete.”
  • Ensure SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are checked in your internet settings. To do this, go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced.  Use the scroll bar on the right side to locate these check boxes. Typically under the icon that looks like a padlock and the word “Security” next to it.

If you still are unable to register after following the above steps, please email and provide a description of the error.