Legend of Abbreviations



ACCCA Association of California Community College Administrators
ACSA Association of California School Administrators
ART Association of Retired Teachers
BOG Board of Governors, California Community Colleges
CA California
CC Community College(s)
CCPI California Consumer Price Index
CFT California Federation of Teachers
CRTA California Retired Teachers Association
CSEA California State Employees Association
CTA California Teachers’ Association
DOE Department of Education
DPA Department of Personnel Administration
EC Education Code
ERISA Employees Retirement Income and Security Act
FACCC Faculty Association of California Community Colleges
FC Financial Code
GC Government Code
GF General Fund
IRA Individual Retirement Account
IRC Internal Revenue Code
LAUSD Los Angeles Unified School District
OWBPA Older Workers Benefit Protection Act
PERS Public Employees Retirement System
SACRS State Association of County Retirement Systems
SBMA Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
SFUSD San Francisco Unified School District
SLBF School Land Bank Fund
SLC State Lands Commission
SR Service Retirement(s)
SSC School Services of CA
STRS State Teachers’ Retirement System
TRB Teachers’ Retirement Board
TRF Teachers’ Retirement Fund
TRL Teachers’ Retirement Law (Refers to both Part 13, Defined Benefit Plan, and Part 14, Cash Balance Plan)
USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
UTLA United Teachers Los Angeles

Decade of Legislation, Legend of Abbreviations Updated: May 11, 2001