Securities Lending Program Teams

Securities Lending Program Management Team

Glenn Hosokawa, CFA, Acting Co-Director of Fixed Income and Portfolio Manager; Roy Clothier, CFA, Program Analyst; John Perez, Cash Collateral Portfolio Manager.

Not pictured: Debra Ng, CFA, Trader/Analyst.

Co-Directors of Fixed Income and Administrative Support Team

Jennifer James; Glenn Hosokawa, CFA, Acting Co-Director of Fixed Income; Laurie Masters; and Paul V. Shantic, Acting Co-Director of Fixed Income.

Fixed Income Staff Responsibilities

  • Implement board policy relating to securities lending.
  • Manage the structure of the program.
  • Oversee the lending agent activities.
  • Work with Corporate Governance to ensure proxy recall.
  • Manage a portion of the cash collateral.
  • Review and recommend policy updates.

Operations Senior Staff

Kelly Criss; Matthew Schroeder; Debra Smith, Director of Operations; Deborah Kanner; Haytham Sharief; Kimberly McDonnell; Melissa DaRonco.

Operations Unit

Diego Sanchez; Kelly Criss; Matthew Schroeder; Deborah Kanner; Angela Tran; Steve Kruth; Matthew Schott; Debra Smith, Director of Operations; Carlos Maciel; Denny Young; Haytham Sharief; Kimberly McDonnell; Gilda Ligaya; Maryann Avansino; Mami Wong; Connie Tyer; Melissa DaRonco.

Not pictured: Krista Jackson-Ingram; Michael Lawrence; Stephanie Ledesma.

Operations Staff Responsibilities

  • Trade processing and security settlement.
  • Document custody oversight.
  • Monitor risk factors.
  • Reconcile lending income.
  • Review compliance of policies and guidelines.

Corporate Governance Unit

Anne Sheehan, Director of Corporate Governance; Ly Van; Brian Rice; Eric Kwong; Aeisha Mastagni; Janice Hester-Amey.

Not pictured: Laurie Winston; Philip Larrieu; Travis Antoniono.