1987 State Legislation



Intro 12/29/86
Ancillary Benefit Disclosure Requirements Requires that each quarterly supplemental benefit maintenance payment shall be accompanied by a specified statement regarding the contingent nature of those payments. 123 (7/6/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: SUPPORT
AB-763 *
Intro 2/19/87
Determining Creditable and Noncreditable Earnings 1) Authorizes the TRB to determine what payments are or are not compensation and salary for retirement purposes when compensation and salary issues are in question (creditable vs. noncreditable earnings); and 2) adds clarifying definitions for the protection of the TRF and for improvement in operating efficiency. 76 (6/30/87), effective 1/1/88
(Hughes, et al)
Intro 2/26/87
Golden Handshake Extends the STRS Golden Handshake Program through 6/30/90. There is, however, a six month period from 7/1/87 through 12/31/87 when the provisions of this bill are not operative. Sponsored by ACSA and CTA 601 (9/12/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: NEUTRAL
Intro 3/2/87
Actuarial Valuation Requirements 1) Requires that the actuarial valuation report of the System’s assets and liabilities include the components of normal cost and adequate information to determine the effects of changes in actuarial assumptions; 2) requires the actuarial report be transmitted to the Governor and Legislature; 3) extends the sunset date of a provision of law requiring STRS to give priority to investing 25% of funds available for new investments in CA residential realty; and 4) moved this provision from the FC to the EC. Sponsored by Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company 416 (9/3/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 3/4/87
TSA Program (Administration) Provides that any TSA program operated by STRS must provide all operating costs and expenses without subsidy from the TRF and also prohibits STRS from utilizing its member mailing list for the purpose of transmitting information dedicated solely to advertising or marketing this program. Sponsored by Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company 1419 (9/30/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: OPPOSE
AB-2041 *
Intro 3/6/87
Disabled Members; Limitations Would have permitted STRS to pay a disability allowance to a disabled member who had filed a pre-retirement election of an option and would permit a disabled member to file for a preretirement election of an option. The Governor determined that the cost of providing pre-retirement survivor benefit options to active members of STRS and allowing disabled members to file for those options would increase annual costs and contribute to STRS’ unfunded liability. Co-sponsored with CFT Governor Veto (9/27/87)
AB-2042 *
Intro 3/6/87
Post-retirement Benefit Increases (SR) Defines the initial effective date for purposes of applying post-retirement benefit increases when a disability allowance is converted to a SR allowance. 327 (7/30/87), effective 1/1/88
AB-2192 *
Intro 3/6/87
TRL Technical Housekeeping 1) Adds clarifying changes related to STRS investment managers; 2) deletes obsolete report requirements related to the transition of the STRS investment function from PERS; 3) clarifies various STRS plan design aspects related to “normal retirement age”; 4) deletes a reference to a repealed section of the EC; 5) adds a clarifying change related to the collection of overpayments; and 6) adds a technical amendment related to the STRS Reduced Workload Program. 330 (7/30/87), effective 1/1/88
(Roberti, et al)
Intro 1/20/87
Litigation (Closed Session Requirements) 1) Provides, among other things, that a state body prior to holding a closed session to discuss litigation must require its legal counsel to prepare and submit a memorandum stating the specific reasons and legal authority for closed session; and 2) specifies that all expressions of lawyer-client privilege other than those provided in the litigation subdivision are abrogated. Sponsored by CA Newspaper Publishers 1320 (9/28/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: OPPOSE
SB-748 *
Intro 3/2/87
Modify Refund of Contributions; Member Exclusions 1) Authorizes the TRB, in the refunding of contributions, to dispense with the collection of amounts due from former members if the amount is $50 or less; and 2) codifies administrative procedure by specifically excluding student interns, participants in the New Careers Program, instructional aides and teacher aides from STRS membership. 373 (8/28/87), effective 1/1/88
SB-990 *
Intro 3/4/87
Concurrent Retirement Authorizes concurrent retirement for STRS members with less than five years of STRS service who move to employment covered by the Legislators’ Retirement System. 1312 (9/28/98), effective 1/1/88
Intro 3/4/87
Education Code Housekeeping Major clean-up of non-substantive items in the EC. 1452 (9/30/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: NEUTRAL
SB-1130 *
Intro 3/5/87
Errors & Omissions Authorizes the TRB to correct errors or omissions due to inadvertence, oversight, mistake of fact, mistake of law, or other cause by the TRB, the System, employers, members, or their beneficiaries. 376 (8/28/87), effective 1/1/88
SB-1131 *
Intro 3/5/87
TRB Member/CC Instructor (Reimbursement) Provides reimbursement to a CC district for the expense of a replacement instructor when the regular CC instructor, while serving as an appointed TRB member, is on official System business. 1395 (9/29/87), effective 1/1/88
Intro 3/5/87
Investments (Shareholder Rights) Requires specified corporations, upon written request of a shareholder, to inform the shareholder of the result of any particular vote taken at specified meetings for a period of 60 days following the conclusion of the meeting. Sponsored by Commission of Corporate Governance, Shareholder Rights and Securities Transactions 408 (9/2/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 3/6/87
Investments (Shareholder Rights) Mandates an independent appraisal on a leveraged buy out offer by management to protect the interests of shareholders. Sponsored by Commission of Corporate Governance, Shareholder Rights and Securities Transactions 627 (9/12/87), effective 1/1/88; Position: SUPPORT
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in italicized lettering, or with an asterisk (*) indicating STRS sponsored, legislation was sponsored by the author(s) or committee introducing the bill. Also, refer to the “Legend” for an explanation of abbreviations used.

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