1988 Federal Legislation



The Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988 (TAMRA) – 1) Modifies limitations for Section 415(b) of the 1986 IRC for government plans; specifically, provides overall limits on contributions and benefits under qualified plans. The limits apply to all such contributions and benefits provided to an individual by a private or public employer; provides a grandfather for nonelective compensation deferred under a plan in effect on 12/31/87, and maintained pursuant to one or more collective bargaining agreements; provides that nondiscrimination rules apply to contributions to TSA Programs, and requires that the ability to make salary reduction contributions be available to all employees including students and part-time help, and other technical modifications; and 2) exempts governmental plans, such as STRS, from the uniform rules requiring distribution of benefits commencing at age 70-1/2 while a member is still employed, and provides that the beginning date of the distribution begin the later of a) the required beginning date under the normal rule, or b) April 1 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which the employee is no longer employed. H.R.4333
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in italicized lettering, or with an asterisk (*) indicating STRS sponsored, legislation was sponsored by the author(s) or committee introducing the bill. Also, refer to the “Legend” for an explanation of abbreviations used.

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