1990 Federal Legislation



Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) – As a result of a Supreme Court decision, PERS of Ohio v. Betts, Congress passed the OWBPA. This law requires public retirement systems to enact new disability benefits programs which do not discriminate on the basis of age (the federal law contained a two-year deferred effective date for public plans). STRS will be required to sponsor the necessary legislation to bring the System into compliance with the OWBPA. Signed into law 10/16/90, effective for new members employed on or after 10/16/92
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in italicized lettering, or with an asterisk (*) indicating STRS sponsored, legislation was sponsored by the author(s) or committee introducing the bill. Also, refer to the “Legend” for an explanation of abbreviations used.

Decade of Legislation, 1990 Federal Updated: May 11, 2001