1990 State Legislation



AB-54 *
Intro 12/6/88
Optional One Year Final Compensation; Multiple Retirements As an urgency measure: 1) Makes technical clean-up amendments to Chapter 1184/89 (AB-123, Elder) regarding optional one-year final compensation for STRS members who spent 60 percent or more of the last ten years of their career as classroom teachers; and 2) provides a more equitable method to calculate the final retirement benefit of STRS members who reinstate from retirement to STRS membership and subsequently retire. Co-sponsored with UTLA and CTA 83 (5/2/90), effective immediately
Intro 3/9/89
STRS/PERS (Home Loan Program) Designates the provisions of the TRL authorizing the STRS member home loan program as the Dave Elder STRS Member Home Loan Program Act. Note: No program or fiscal changes to existing program. 11 (3/7/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: NO RECOMMENDATION
AB-2552 *
Intro 1/4/90
TSA Program Makes various changes to the current STRS TSA program by authorizing STRS to operate the plan through one or more third-party carriers with choices of investment options and to offer the program to all employees of any state or local public agency which employs persons in positions eligible for STRS membership. 831 (9/12/90), effective 1/1/91
(Hughes, et al)
Intro 1/16/90
Golden Handshake As an urgency measure, reestablishes until 12/31/93 the STRS “Golden Handshake” program which permits school employers to provide STRS members with two additional years of service credit at retirement if certain conditions are met. Sponsored by CTA 996 (9/17/90), effective immediately; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 2/21/90
Member Applications (Spouse Signature Requirements) Requires that a STRS member’s application for an unmodified retirement allowance contain the signature of the member’s spouse unless certain conditions are met. Permits a spouse who refuses to sign this type of application to be treated as a “nonmember spouse” and, therefore, petition the court to divide the retirement benefit as community property. 1390 (9/26/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
(Elder, et al)
Intro 3/2/90
Post Retirement Earnings Limit Increases the STRS post retirement earnings limit to $15,000, up from the previous $8,950, per school year. This amount would be adjusted annually by the amount of increase in the CCPI. Sponsored by Long Beach Unified School District 903 (9/13/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
AB-4129 *
Intro 3/2/90
TRL Technical Housekeeping Makes technical, corrective and clarifying changes in various provisions of the TRL. 560 (8/24/90), effective 1/1/91
AB-4284 *
(Elder, et al)
Intro 3/2/90
Retirement After Reinstatement From Disability As an urgency measure, provides for separate alternative calculations of post disability service retirement allowances depending upon whether the post disability service was for less than, or more than, three years. 1201 (9/21/90), effective immediately
Intro 11/3/89
STRS/PERS Loan (Natural Disaster) Authorizes STRS to establish a loan program to assist currently employed members and retirees in obtaining loans from STRS for the sole purpose of repairing or rebuilding homes damaged by a natural disaster. Sponsored by Santa Cruz County 35X (9/22/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 3/10/89
School Lands (Elk Hills) Memorializes the President and Congress to recognize the right of the state to two school land sections within the Elk Hills Petroleum Reserve and to make them available to the state. Revenue from school land sections is used for supplemental payments to benefit recipients whose purchasing power has fallen below 75% of original purchasing power. Sponsored by CRTA 50 (6/18/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
(Bentley, et al)
Intro 2/15/90
Health Benefits (Retired Teachers) Memorializes Congress to establish a process by which STRS retirees could purchase the quarters needed to meet Medicare Part A eligibility. Sponsored by CRTA 100 (8/30/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
(C. Green)
Intro 2/27/89
Options Settlements Adds two new additional option settlements, Options 6 and 7, allowing a return to the unmodified allowance if the designated option beneficiary predeceases the retiree. Sponsored by CRTA 97 (5/17/89), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 3/8/89
Investments (Soft Dollars) Places new disclosure requirements on governmental investors with regard to soft dollars and directed brokerage arrangements. 709 (9/10/89), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
(C. Green, et al)
Intro 3/9/89
Elder STRS Full Funding Act As an urgency measure, revises the annual GF contribution to STRS to a level that provides full funding of normal cost and provides for the amortization of the STRS unfunded obligation. Sponsored by CRTA 460 (7/31/89), effective immediately; Position: SUPPORT
SB-2469 *
(C. Green)
Intro 2/28/90
Benefits Study Appropriates $50,000 to pay the costs of contracting for consulting services to study the equity of the present benefits available under STRS. 1172 (9/21/90), effective 1/1/91
Intro 2/26/90
Investments (Valdez Principles) Requests STRS/PERS to take shareholder action respecting the Valdez Principles, a code of conduct for corporate activities affecting the environment. R-131 (9/10/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
Intro 5/31/90
Investments (Corporations Governance) Requests the SEC to evaluate the corporate election process for the purpose of changing its rules to provide for 1) proxy rules to allow for open and clear communication among shareholders and corporations, and 2) confidential voting with independent tabulation of results; and 2) provides for the State Senate Commission on Corporate Governance, Shareholder Rights and Securities Transactions to actively participate with the SEC in accomplishing these goals. R-113 (9/4/90), effective 1/1/91; Position: SUPPORT
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in italicized lettering, or with an asterisk (*) indicating STRS sponsored, legislation was sponsored by the author(s) or committee introducing the bill. Also, refer to the “Legend” for an explanation of abbreviations used.

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