1994 Federal Legislation



Desert Protection Act – The land exchange mechanism in the bill directs the Secretary of the Interior (within 6 months of enactment) to send to the SLC a list consisting of: 1) State school land parcels that fall within the new park’s boundaries to be exchanged for federal lands; and 2) specify lands located within the State and within the jurisdiction of Interior that are suitable for disposal by way of exchange (negotiated by agreement). Such lands are either: 1) lands with mineral interests, including geothermal, which have the potential for commercial development but which are not currently under mineral lease or producing Federal mineral revenue; 2) federal claims in the State managed by the Bureau of Reclamation that the Secretary determines are unneeded for any Bureau of Reclamation project; 3) any public lands in the State that the Secretary, under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976, determines to be suitable for disposal; and 4) any other Federal land, or interest therein, within the State which is or becomes surplus to the needs of the Federal Government. The latter constitutes the key broadening of the land exchange provisions from “Interior-managed land” to “all federal land in CA”, other than closed military bases, that becomes surplus. First sale has been completed. Will continue to coordinate efforts with the SLC. In progress
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) – Significantly broadens the rights of returning military veterans to reemployment with make-up pension accruals from their former employer upon re-employment. Signed by President Clinton 10/13/94 (H.R. 995)
(Public Law 103-353)
NOTE: Unless otherwise noted in italicized lettering, or with an asterisk (*) indicating STRS sponsored, legislation was sponsored by the author(s) or committee introducing the bill. Also, refer to the attached “Legend” for an explanation of abbreviations used.

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