January 2013

The CalPERS and CalSTRS Joint School/Employer Committee met January 9, 2013 at CalSTRS Headquarters in West Sacramento.

Below are archived video and materials used during this meeting.

CalSTRS Handouts

  1. Employer Directive 2012-07
  2. Employer Directive 2012-06

CalPERS Handouts

Please go to CalPERS website to view recent circular letters.

Archived videos

Links to recorded videos of past meetings are listed below and play in your browser window.

Employer Advisory Committee – Part 1

  • Welcome
  • State & Federal Legislation Update
  • CalSTRS Update on Impacts of AB 340

Employer Advisory Committee – Part 2

  • CalSTRS Update on Impacts of AB 340 (continued)
  • Follow-up Questions on CalSTRS Pension Reform Implementation