May 2014

The CalPERS and CalSTRS Employer Advisory Committee met May 7, 2014 at CalPERS Headquarters in Sacramento.

Below are archived video and materials used during this meeting.

CalSTRS Handouts

  • GASB 68
  • Employer Circular, Volume 30; Issue 3: Fiscal Year 2014-15 Creditable Compensation Limits For Defined Benefit CalSTRS 2% At 62 Members And Cash Balance Participants Subject to Pepra
  • Employer Circular, Volume 30, Issue 2: Employer Financial Reporting For Fiscal Year 2014-15 And New Audit Requirements
  • Employer Directive, 2014-04: Compensation Reporting Requirement for Creditable Compensation that Exceeds the Annual Creditable Compensation Cap
  • Employer Directive, 2014-03: Supersedes Employer Directive 2013-01 Postretirement Earnings Limit and Legislative Changes for the 2013-14 Fiscal Year, 2014-15 Fiscal Year, and 2014 Calendar Year
  • Employer Directive, 2014-02: Supersedes Employer Directives 2013-03 and 2013-05 Interest and Contribution Rates and Present Value Factor for Fiscal Year 2014-15
  • Employer Directive, 2014-01: Changes to the Teachers’ Retirement Law made by Chapter 559, Statutes of 2013, (Assembly Bill 1381), the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act Conforming Bill
  • SB 1220

Archived Videos

Links to recorded videos of this past meeting are listed below and play in your browser window.

CalSTRS Employer Advisory Committee

CalPERS School Employer Advisory Committee