Retired Educator Event
November 8-18


Join us for our 2021 Retired Educator Event and learn how to make the most of your CalSTRS membership.

Protect Your Future

Many retirees underestimate their retirement income and expenses. Being realistic, planning ahead and learning ways to mitigate common obstacles, including inflation, scams and rising health care costs, can help you make sure your money lasts throughout your retirement.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to identify your income sources, ways to reduce the risks of underestimating your expenses and strategies for withdrawing your invested dollars. You’ll also get a step-by-step guide to choosing a financial professional.

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myCalSTRS: Discover What You Can Do

With your myCalSTRS online account, you can change your address and income tax withholdings; view and print your benefit statements and 1099-R forms; manage your direct deposit account; and update your one-time death benefit recipient. Be sure to register for a myCalSTRS account before the webinar. If you need help registering your account, watch the myCalSTRS registration video.

NOTE: You’ll need an updated internet browser to view the video.

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Retired Educator: Learn and Discover

As a retired educator, you have access to valuable CalSTRS tools and resources, including Your Newly Retired Member Kit, our Retired Educator newsletter, our Retired Educator webpage and this webinar. Register and attend to learn:

  • Where and when you can work without affecting your CalSTRS retirement benefit.
  • How the federal required minimum distribution may affect you.
  • Ways myCalSTRS can help you now that you’re retired.

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