Current Regulatory Activity


CalSTRS is required to adopt regulations following the procedures established in the Administrative Procedure Act. A regulation is defined in Government Code section 11342.600:

“Regulation means every rule, regulation, order, or standard of general application or the amendment, supplement, or revision of any rule, regulation, order, or standard adopted by any state agency to implement, interpret, or make specific the law enforced or administered by it, or to govern its procedure.”

Materials related to proposed actions to adopt, amend and repeal regulations can be found on this page.

To request notification and updates regarding CalSTRS rulemaking activities, send your name and contact information to or contact Governmental Relations at 916-414-1994. Please specify which rulemaking action you would like to receive notifications regarding; otherwise, you will receive notification of all CalSTRS rulemaking activities. To conserve paper, we ask that you provide your email address so that we can email you notification and updates regarding rulemaking activities. If you prefer to receive communication through the mail, please provide your mailing address.

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Public comment

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System and the Teachers’ Retirement Board (board) propose to adopt new regulations, in the form of section 20511 in Article 2 of Chapter 1, Division 3, Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, after considering all comments, objections and recommendations regarding the proposed action.