CalSTRS CEO Jack Ehnes Responds to the Paris Pledge for Action
Institutional investor confident the deployment of capital to market will balance human versus nature needs

Statement Michael Sicilia

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. – CalSTRS Chief Executive Officer Jack Ehnes issued the following statement in response to the release of the COP21 Paris 2015: Paris Pledge for Action:

“As a global, institutional investor, CalSTRS was an early adopter of the actions outlined in the Pledge. We were one of the first public pension funds not just to sign the Pledge, but to lend substantive support via the voices and actions of our stakeholder network. 

“CalSTRS continues to be a proactive leader and role model in providing capital for sustainable development to make a measurable difference in reducing the footprint of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

“Large, long-term investors like CalSTRS have the power to make positive inroads in the world’s sustainability challenges by allocating market capital in all sectors of the global economy.

“For CalSTRS, committing to limiting the climate’s future temperature rise to under two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) means adhering to our vision and guiding beliefs; ongoing review of our Investment Policy for Mitigating Environmental, Social and Governance Risks and Responsible Contractor Policy; refining our Green Initiative Task Force; and, continuing active participation in myriad investor-related, climate-focused organizations like Ceres, CDP, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and the Investor Network on Climate Risk.

“The world was ready to hear and see what was presented at COP21. It was ready to put the Paris Pledge for Action in place. CalSTRS is ready to keep up the momentum by putting its resources and influence behind the inevitable transition to a low-emission, climate resilient world economy.”

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