Strategic, Business, Workforce & Succession Plans

Strategic, Business, Workforce & Succession Plans


CalSTRS Strategic Plan is a guide for the future of CalSTRS as an organization.

CalSTRS Business Plan provides essential information on the current fiscal year, including the strategy map, the Teachers’ Retirement Board priorities and planned outcomes.

CalSTRS Workforce Plan is an in-depth look at the current and future needs of the CalSTRS workforce.

CalSTRS Leadership Development & Succession Plan is a deeper dive into the current and future needs of CalSTRS leadership workforce.

General Information

Strategic Plan

This three-year plan has four goals that present a balanced approach to organizational strategies. Each goal has supporting objectives and measures of success. The plan is not a detailed road map or a step-by-step tactical plan with initiatives and activities–that’s reserved for our annual business plan. Instead, the strategic plan provides overarching goals, objectives to guide our collective direction, and measures to evaluate our success.

The CalSTRS 2019-22 Strategic Plan was adopted by the Teachers’ Retirement Board on March 27, 2019.

Progress on the business plan and overarching strategic plan is reported and evaluated annually through an Accomplishments Report to the board.

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General Information

Workforce Plan

This four-year plan contains workforce analysis and strategies which reflect CalSTRS commitment to growing an engaged, highly skilled and diverse workforce. It recognizes accomplishments from the previous 2013-17 Workforce Strategy Plan and introduces six new strategic recommendations based on data driven examination of current and future workforce challenges and opportunities in support of our long-term Strategic and annual Business Plans.

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General Information

Leadership Development & Succession Plan

This four-year plan builds upon the previous 2013-17 Leadership Development and Succession Plan. It introduces six new recommendations that provide direction to identify, develop or select the next generation of prepared, capable and engaged leaders. This plan is an analysis of the current state of the CalSTRS leadership team. It outlines initiatives to build a viable pool of successors and offers recommendations to drive and cultivate successful leaders at CalSTRS.

The plan supports the recommendations of the 2018-22 CalSTRS Workforce Plan and is aligned with the CalSTRS long-term Strategic and annual Business Plans.

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