Retirement Progress Report

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Retirement Progress Report

Your annual Retirement Progress Report provides a personalized overview of your CalSTRS account and benefits, as well as detailed information and resources for planning your financial future. The report shows the status of your accounts as of June 30 of the prior school year.

The reports are posted online at myCalSTRS for active and inactive members in early September.

As an extension of our ongoing sustainability efforts to conserve environmental resources while reducing administrative costs, Retirement Progress Reports are mailed by request only. If you requested a mailed copy of your report, it will be sent in October. For more information, review the Retirement Progress Reports Going Paperless – Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Retirement Progress Report includes:

  • A summary of Defined Benefit and Defined Benefit Supplement program transactions during the prior year.
  • Accumulated service credit.
  • Contribution and interest balances.
  • Death benefit recipient and beneficiary information.
  • Two projections of your retirement benefit if you are at least age 45.

CalSTRS also provides a Retirement Progress Report for Cash Balance Benefit Program participants.

Viewing and Understanding Your Retirement Progress Report

  • Log in to myCalSTRS. Select “View Your Retirement Progress Reports” or select “Retirement Progress Reports” from the Account drop down menu. To access the current year’s report, click on the current year.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • See the Member Handbook for more information.

Reporting a Discrepancy

If you see a discrepancy with your service credit or contributions, report it immediately to ensure accurate, timely CalSTRS benefits in the future:

  • Active Members – Report discrepancies to your employer.
  • Inactive Members – Contact CalSTRS.

If the one-time death benefit recipient or option beneficiary named in your report is not correct – contact CalSTRS.

Go to myCalSTRS and view your Retirement Progress Report now.