Vision and Guiding Beliefs

Vision and guiding beliefs



CalSTRS advances sustainability practices that promote long-term value creation, responsible investment strategies, stewardship of our natural resources and engagement with our stakeholder community.

CalSTRS business decisions consider environmental, social and governance implications, also referred to as ESG issues. From investment strategy to member services, our sustainable practices seek to create long-term value, promote stewardship of our natural resources and sustain the financial integrity of the fund for the benefit of our members and our community. We believe that establishing a corporate environment with sustainable values is a blueprint for better governance and increased profitability.

Guiding beliefs

The purpose of our guiding beliefs is to shape our organization’s environmental, social and governance actions and interactions with our stakeholders.

  1. CalSTRS supports sustainability programs that build environmental, social, and governance principles into our core business and investment practices.
  2. CalSTRS responsibly manages risk for the long-term financial strength of CalSTRS, to the benefit of our members, stakeholders, and the environment.
  3. CalSTRS engages with our stakeholders, business partners and our community on environmental, social and governance issues and principles to understand their insights and perspective.
  4. CalSTRS considers the global impact of our business practices in the use of natural resources within our facilities and through the procurement of goods and services.
  5. All CalSTRS investments should seek to responsibly manage and disclose economic, social, and environmental criteria in order to deliver sustainable and profitable, risk-adjusted returns.
  6. CalSTRS encourages procurement of goods and services with contractors and supply chain vendors who incorporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance criteria into their business practices.
  7. CalSTRS believes in providing a supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to develop and achieve their full career potential.
  8. CalSTRS recognizes plan assets will contribute to and be affected by climate change and that appropriate risk mitigation must occur in order to deliver profitable, risk-adjusted returns.
  9. CalSTRS discloses material sustainability issues and sustainable performance data.