Vision and Guiding Beliefs

Vision and guiding beliefs


Sustainability vision

CalSTRS advances sustainability practices that promote long-term value creation, responsible investment strategies, stewardship of our natural resources and engagement with our stakeholder community.

Sustainability guiding beliefs

A focus on stewardship drives long-term organizational stability to secure the financial future of California’s educators.

  1. We believe an enterprise based on sustainable values creates a blueprint for strong governance that protects the fund’s assets.
  2. We influence and lead on environmental, social and governance issues to mitigate risk and capture opportunities that contribute to sustainable economic development.
  3. We know sustainability depends on committed employees operating in an engaging culture.
  4. We actively manage risk and establish internal controls for the long-term viability of CalSTRS.
  5. We identify sustainability topics and report performance data as part of our commitment to transparency.
  6. We engage with a diverse group of stakeholders to understand their perspectives and build a culture of trust.