CalSTRS Joins International Call for Climate Change Agreement

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We've signed the Copenhagen Communique

As a long-term shareholder and global investor, CalSTRS understands that a strong and binding international agreement on climate change is necessary to avoid significant financial uncertainty and increased risk to our markets.

Copenhagen Communiqué

CalSTRS is a signatory of The Copenhagen Communiqué, and CEO Jack Ehnes was among a group of world and business leaders who presented the communiqué to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon during the United Nations Summit on Climate Change at UN headquarters in New York on Sept. 22.

The communiqué is the definitive statement from the international business community ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009.

Key points in the communiqué include:

  • Long-term policies are critical for investors to include climate change in their investment decision-making.
  • Catastrophic economic and social consequences can be avoided by cutting global emissions of greenhouse gases.
  • Private capital is essential to achieve a low-carbon economy.
  • Investors influence how companies respond to climate change.

Investor Statement

Mr. Ehnes also addressed the UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change, during which he announced the 2009 Investor Statement on Urgent Need for a Global Agreement on Climate Change.

The statement is supported by 181 investment institutions, which collectively represent assets of $13 trillion, and calls for strong action this year from U.S. and international policy makers in the fight against global warming.

The Prince’s Rainforests Project

Ehnes also joined 20 CEOs of some of the world’s major businesses in support of The Prince’s Rainforests Project Rainforest SOS campaign to stop tropical deforestation. In a short video Ehnes, with the campaign’s frog mascot on his shoulder, confirms his commitment to make a positive impact on global climate change through environmentally responsible investing.

CalSTRS CEO Interviewed on Insight

Mr. Ehnes spoke to Jeffery Callison host of Insight, a talk radio show on Capitol Public Radio, on September 23 after the UN summit. Listen to the interview as Mr. Ehnes details the importance of a global climate change agreement.