CalSTRS Submits Regulation File to OAL for Internal Informal Appeals

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The California Education Code authorizes CalSTRS to hold a hearing for the purpose of determining any question presented to it involving any right, benefit, or obligation. The proposed regulations govern the process that occurs before a hearing is held by CalSTRS.The proposed regulations reflect a structure that guides the member through an administrative remedy process and are designed to assist the member in moving their request or contention forward within CalSTRS.CalSTRS has reached out to employers and other advocacy groups to provide information and request feedback on the draft internal appeal regulations.

On January 3, 2012, CalSTRS submitted the Internal Informal Appeal Regulation File to the Office of Administrative Law. The OAL will review the regulations packed and notify the agency of any deficiencies within three (3) working days of the receipt of the file. Thereafter, the OAL will either approve the regulations and transmit it to the Secretary of State for filing or disapprove it within thirty (30) working days after review. If the regulations are disapproved, the OAL will provide CalSTRS with a written decision detailing the reasons for disapproval. Depending on the reasons for disapproval, the agency may have to comply with the formal regulatory process after the regulations are rewritten to address the OAL’s reasons for disapproval.

To view the rulemaking file for the Internal Appeal regulations
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