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In 2013, CalSTRS celebrates our 100-year anniversary. Help create a visual history of CalSTRS by submitting photos, illustrations or publications from your time as a California public school teacher.

Submissions can be emailed to (please include “CalSTRS 100-Year Anniversary” in the subject line) or mailed to:

CalSTRS 100-Year Anniversary
Attn: Kathy Halstead
MS 34
P.O. Box 15275
Sacramento, CA 95851

Be sure to include your name, contact information and the best time to reach you. Original submissions will be returned to you in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your contribution to the CalSTRS 100-year anniversary celebration.

By submitting photographs/videos, you consent to and authorize the use, modification and reproduction by CalSTRS, or anyone authorized by CalSTRS, for any purpose, without compensation. If there is more than one person represented in the photograph or video submitted, you hereby warrant that you have their permission to use this video without any compensation to them. You also agree to indemnify CalSTRS for any claims made by those other people depicted in your photograph or video. CalSTRS reserves the right to use these photographs/videos in any of its communications (website, newsletters, etc.).