Member Service Center Opens in Riverside

What's New
Riverside Member Service Center building

Enjoy expanded access to CalSTRS at the full-service Riverside Member Service Center.


Increased Access to CalSTRS

Members have asked to:

  • Meet with CalSTRS personnel close to their homes and work places.
  • Receive top-quality education and information.
  • Enjoy convenient and consistent office hours.
  • Get forms reviewed and accepted at a local office.
  • Visit an office where all CalSTRS members may receive services.

Why Riverside?

The Riverside site was selected because of its concentration of members in the Inland Empire area. The site offers:

  • Convenient freeway access.
  • Office suite and building amenities:

The site maintains the same environmental standards and energy efficiency that reflects CalSTRS’ commitment to California’s public educators and aligns business and technology changes to improve member services.

The Riverside site was selected as a result of an extensive site search that included a demographic analysis and comprehensive member survey sent to both active and retired Inland Empire members.

For additional information about the Riverside center, contact CalSTRS.