National Save for Retirement Week October 20–26
CalSTRS Pension2 Plans Can Help You Reach Your Goals

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National Save for Retirement Week is here.

This week provides an opportunity to reflect on your personal retirement goals and determine if you are on target for your secure future.

To learn how Pension2, CalSTRS’ voluntary defined contribution plan for additional savings, complements your CalSTRS retirement benefit:

  • Visit for information on Pension2 403(b), 457 and Roth 403(b) plans that feature low fees and expenses.
  • Watch the member education webinar on 403b plans.
  • Use the online “What If” and “Why Wait” calculators to see if your retirement savings are on track. Invest sooner rather than later to take advantage of compounding.
  • Compare fees charged by different mutual funds and insurance products online at and see how low Pension2 fees really are.
  • Estimate your CalSTRS retirement benefit using the online Retirement Benefits Calculator.
  • Sign up for a CalSTRS workshop.

When you contribute to your 403(b) or 457 account directly out of your paycheck, you defer taxes on the money set aside each month for retirement. You get more savings for your contribution dollars, your earnings grow tax-deferred, and your monthly taxable income is lower.

For more information on Pension2, visit or call 888-394-2060.