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At the very heart of CalSTRS Core Values exists Sustainability, an integral component of the framework which governs the organizational business culture. In fact, the Teachers’ Retirement Board identified sustainability and risk management as key priorities this year and extending over the next several years. To this end, sustainable objectives are fully integrated into everyday practices at every level of CalSTRS business operations.

From member services to the investment strategy, CalSTRS sustainable practices seek to create long-term value, promote stewardship of natural resources and sustain the financial integrity of the fund for the benefit of its members and community. CalSTRS believes that establishing a corporate environment with sustainable values is a blueprint for better governance and increased profitability.

On January 2, 2015, CalSTRS unveiled a new, dedicated Sustainability section on The Sustainability site can be accessed by a tab near the top of the home page or directly by visiting

This new site seeks to unify CalSTRS’ sustainable efforts and provide a forum for members and other interested parties to learn more about this important topic and how it integrates into CalSTRS business practices. Two interactive features will be available, including Ask Jack and CEO Jack Ehnes’ Blog, in order to increase engagement, answer questions and provide more information on CalSTRS commitment to sustainability. CalSTRS also looks to the new site as an opportunity to further define sustainability as it relates to long-term economic viability, corporate governance, climate change, socially responsible investing, and much more.

Sustainability is a key component of CalSTRS business culture, strategic plan and board priorities. Please take a moment to explore the new Sustainability section of to learn more. Check back regularly for updates, including videos from prominent industry leaders commenting on the importance of sustainability.

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NOTE: The Sustainability section on the home page replaces the Plan Funding tab due to the enactment of AB 1469 which provides a full funding solution for CalSTRS Defined Benefit Program. Moving forward, the information previously found under the Plan Funding tab will be located under the Legislation and Regulations page.