Your Input is Valuable – Please Complete CalSTRS Sustainability Survey

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A commitment to sustainability is a key component of the culture, investments, core values and vision at CalSTRS. And per the five-year strategic business plan, CalSTRS is embarking on our inaugural sustainability report covering the calendar year of 2014. In this annual report, we will review and report on CalSTRS sustainability performance related to the most important of 12 crucial and relevant topics for each fiscal year. The report will encompass feedback from various stakeholder groups, which is where we need your assistance in completing a brief sustainability survey.

A series of 12 important topics from the most pertinent and critical environmental, social and economic issues affecting CalSTRS have been selected for your input. Topics such as carbon risk strategy, water resources and the drought, plan funding, corporate governance and diversity, and member services and satisfaction are a few which are being assessed as CalSTRS makes future, strategic business decisions.

Coverage of each issue in the sustainability annual report will be based upon the collective input of our most important stakeholder groups consisting of CalSTRS members, employees, employers, consultants, etc. By participating as a representative of your stakeholder group, you will provide CalSTRS with valuable feedback as the report data is compiled.

Please take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete this brief survey and let CalSTRS know how each of these sustainability-related topics has an impact on CalSTRS mission. Your selections and input will remain anonymous. The survey is open for responses through Tuesday, November 25.

CalSTRS Material Sustainability Topics Survey – Stakeholder

The inaugural sustainability report is anticipated to be released publicly in the spring of 2015 via  Thank you for your interest and valuable feedback.