Actuarial Valuations

Actuarial valuations


These reports provide actuarial valuations and projections for the Teachers’ Retirement Plan, including:

  • Defined Benefit Program
  • Defined Benefit Supplement Program
  • Cash Balance Benefit Program
  • Medicare Premium Payment Program
  • SBMA Funding Sufficiency
  • Pension2®

Past actuarial valuation reports

Reports include the Defined Benefit, Defined Benefit Supplement, Cash Balance Benefit and Medicare Premium Payment programs, and Projections of SBMA Funding Sufficiency.


Replication and peer review of the actuarial valuation reports

Every four years, CalSTRS engages an independent actuarial firm to perform a replication and peer review of the actuarial valuation reports produced by CalSTRS’ consulting actuary. The purpose of the replication and peer review is to ensure the quality and reasonableness of the actuarial valuations and to ensure that the work was performed in accordance with the relevant Actuarial Standards of Practice.