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Legislative reports

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System submits reports, as required by law, to the Governor, Legislature and other stakeholders.

These reports provide information on the status of the Teachers’ Retirement Fund and the operations of CalSTRS.

CalSTRS Funding Plan report

Report summarizing the progress of the CalSTRS Funding Plan, which places the Defined Benefit Program on the path to full funding by 2046. The funding plan has significantly reduced the risk of a low-funded status and almost eliminated the risk of the DB program running out of money.

CalSTRS Funding Plan report

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System reflects the collaborative effort of CalSTRS staff under the leadership of the Teachers’ Retirement Board.

The report details the performance of CalSTRS funding at the end of each fiscal year.

Read the latest report.

Dakota Access Pipeline Engagement Report

Report summarizing CalSTRS’ engagement with companies constructing, or funding the construction of, the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

CalSTRS Dakota Access Pipeline Engagement Report

Investment reports

The CalSTRS investment reports summarize the fund’s investments and CalSTRS actions as they relate to specific investments and holdings.

CalSTRS investment reports, as of June 30, 2023

Reports on investment management

The Diversity in the Management of Investments annual report summarizes the progress of the strategic plan to expand and diversify management of the investment portfolio.

Read the latest report.

Actuarial valuations

The latest actuarial valuations and projections for the State Teachers’ Retirement Plan.

Read the latest reports.

Creditable compensation reports

Annual reports that include the amount of teachers’ creditable compensation.

Creditable Compensation Report for fiscal year ended June 30, 2023

Quarterly enterprise projects reports

Reports summarizing the status of CalSTRS enterprise projects for Fiscal Year 2022-23.

First Quarter, September 30, 2022Second Quarter, December 31, 2022Third Quarter, March 31, 2023

Options for Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account Excess Funds

Report summarizing the options developed by the Teachers’ Retirement Board, in May 2022, for the use of funds available in the SBMA in excess of the amount needed to maintain 85% purchasing power protection through 2089.

Options for Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account Excess Funds

Addressing Climate-Related Financial Risk Report

CalSTRS reports on our efforts to evolve and enhance the management of climate risks within the CalSTRS Investment Portfolio.

Addressing Climate-Related Financial Risk Report