Benefits Planning Services

Benefits planning services


CalSTRS offers various services to help you learn about your CalSTRS benefits and actively plan for retirement throughout your career.


Part-Time Educator Event

Are you unsure about what benefits you have with CalSTRS? Join us for our 2021 Part-Time Educator Event to learn what CalSTRS benefits you do have, and how you can supplement your retirement income with CalSTRS Pension2.

Part-time Educator

Want to find out more about the CalSTRS benefits and services you have access to as a part-time educator? In this webinar, you’ll compare the two benefit programs that may be available to you and determine which program you’re paying into. You’ll learn about how to increase your retirement income, the importance of supplemental savings, and considerations to keep in mind throughout your career. You’re helping students build their future, don’t forget about yours.

Download Considerations for Part-time Educators fact sheet

Start Saving Now with Pension2®

If you’re like the average part-time educator, you’ll likely receive approximately 38% of your final salary as your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Financial experts suggest replacing 80% to 90% of your salary in order to retire comfortably. Due to this gap, you’ll need to save additional money for retirement. In this webinar, you’ll learn about CalSTRS Pension2, a supplemental savings plan to help you meet your retirement income goals. You’ll understand how valuable saving even a little money today can benefit you by the time you retire. Plus, you’ll learn how to compare Pension2 to the other plans your employer offers. Our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable retirement. Saving with Pension2 is a large piece of that puzzle.

General Information

Benefits planning sessions

Explore your CalSTRS benefits with the help of a benefits specialist.

CalSTRS benefits specialists will provide information and resources about available benefits so you are educated and prepared for the decisions you will make as you transition into retirement. Learn with fellow educators in a confidential, yet interactive, small-group setting.

General Information

Additional services

For more information about benefits planning services, call 800-228-5453 and select option 3.

Forms drop-off

To improve the services provided to members, applications and all CalSTRS forms can be dropped off at certain local benefits planning offices.

Before submitting forms

  • Review all forms to ensure accuracy. If you need assistance completing a form, please call us at 800-228-5453.
  • Copy all forms for your personal records.
  • Find a Local Benefits Planning Office that accepts CalSTRS forms.
    • Forms may not be accepted at all locations. If “Forms drop-off” is not listed as a service offered at an office, select another office.
    • Form drop-off hours vary by location.

Walk-in assistance

Need help completing a form? Want to pick up hard copies of CalSTRS publications? Visit a Member Service Center for general assistance.

Important: Members are helped on a first come, first served basis and do not receive estimates or benefits planning sessions without a scheduled appointment.

Additional estimates

Have you attended a CalSTRS and Your Retirement or other benefits planning session in the last year? Have your circumstances changed and you only need an updated estimate? If so, call 800-228-5453 and select option 3. CalSTRS will prepare and mail an updated estimate. This service is provided in lieu of a benefits planning session.

Important: It can take 14-21 business days for your estimate to be mailed. This service is only available to members who are eligible to retire and previously attended a benefits planning session.

(800) 228-5453 Select option 3