Approved Regulations


Amendments to Format for Employer Reports

Education Code sections 23004 and 26301 require employers to electronically submit an encrypted report to CalSTRS containing information the board may require in the administration of the Teachers’ Retirement Plan. In addition, section 22455 requires employers to furnish any information concerning any member or beneficiary the board may require in a form, including electronic transmission, as directed by CalSTRS. These amendments make specific the Education Code as it relates to the submission of data from employers to the system using the new file format.

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Creditable Compensation Amendments

CalSTRS’ Creditable Compensation Regulations interpret and make specific Education Code Sections 22112.5, 22119.2 and 22905, related to classes of employees, creditable and noncreditable compensation and the appropriate crediting of contributions to either the Defined Benefit Program or the Defined Benefit Supplement Program.

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Amendments to Assessment of Penalties for Late Contributions

Chapter 17 of the Teachers’ Retirement Law requires that penalties and interest be assessed on employers for late or inaccurate reporting of retirement data and payment of contributions. These amendments to the regulation establish a penalty rate that is the greater of the following: the state rate in effect each March 1 immediately preceding the date the late contribution is received or 5 percent.

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Employer Direct Reporting

Section 23004 of the Education Code authorizes the Teachers’ Retirement Board to approve a school district or community college district to report directly to CalSTRS, rather than through the county office of education. These regulations define the criteria the board uses to approve or disapprove a district as a direct report and the circumstances under which the board may withdraw its approval.

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Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account Purchasing Power Protection

Section 26000 of the California Code of Regulations outlines and implements the process whereby the Teachers’ Retirement Board adjusts the purchasing power protection provided by the Supplemental Benefit Maintenance Account.