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Payment calendarCheck mailed June 27Direct deposit July 1

CalSTRS pay dates

Scheduled benefit payment dates are listed in the tables below. December direct deposit payments are made in January of the following year.

Mailing dates are determined by the State Controller’s Office, the check issuer.

Download 2024 pay dates calendarDownload 2023 pay dates calendar


Payments are made in arrears, meaning the amount you receive each month is the payment for the prior month’s benefit. CalSTRS benefit checks are sent in the mail or electronically if you have direct deposit.

Benefit monthSouthern California ZIP codes beginning with 900–930 (and out of state) check mailing dateNorthern California ZIP codes beginning with 931–961 check mailing dateDirect deposit date
November 202311/28/202311/29/202312/1/2023
December 202312/27/202312/28/20231/2/2024
January 20241/29/20241/29/20242/1/2024
February 20242/27/20242/27/20243/1/2024
March 20243/27/20243/28/20243/29/2024
April 20244/26/20244/26/20245/1/2024
May 20245/28/20245/28/20245/31/2024
June 20246/26/20246/27/20247/1/2024
July 20247/29/20247/29/20248/1/2024
August 20248/27/20248/27/20248/30/2024
September 20249/27/20249/27/202410/1/2024
October 202410/29/202410/29/202411/1/2024
November 202411/25/202411/25/202411/27/2024
December 202412/27/202412/27/20241/2/2025

CalSTRS supplemental pay dates

Benefit monthSouthern California ZIP codes beginning with 900–930 (and out of state) mailing dateNorthern California ZIP codes beginning with 931–961 mailing dateDirect deposit date
December 202312/27/202312/28/20231/2/2024
March 20243/27/20243/28/20243/29/2024
June 20246/26/20246/27/20247/1/2024
September 20249/27/20249/27/202410/1/2024
December 202412/27/202412/27/20241/2/2025

Choose direct deposit

You can have your check electronically deposited in your bank account by applying online at myCalSTRS or by filling out the Direct Deposit Authorization form.

Direct deposit is safe and fast

  • More than 90% of CalSTRS retirees choose direct deposit.
  • It is safe, quick and reliable.
  • It reduces the risk of your check getting lost in the mail, stolen or forged.
  • If your check is lost, stolen or forged, replacing your check takes less time.

If your check is late

Benefit checks received by mail

  • Contact CalSTRS if you have not received your check by the fifth business day of the month.
  • Make sure we have your correct mailing address. You can update your address online at myCalSTRS or by filling out and submitting an Address Change Request form by mail.

Benefit checks received through direct deposit

  • Your financial institution has until the close of the direct deposit date above to place the funds in your account. Contact your financial institution to find out what time your funds are placed in your account.
  • Contact CalSTRS if you have questions.