Environmental Operations

Environmental operations


CalSTRS West Sacramento headquarters maintains a LEED® Platinum certification. Energy efficient building features and employee-based environmental programs help us strengthen our communities and advance environmental responsibility.

General Information

CalSTRS headquarters

West Sacramento Headquarters building

Our West Sacramento Headquarters symbolizes CalSTRS’ promise to sustainability while it provides our employees and visitors with a healthy, stimulating and supportive workplace.

The 17 story, 409,000 square foot building has maintained its US Green Building LEED® Platinum certification since 2011. The energy efficient building features and the participation of our employees in “green” building practices strengthen and advance environmental responsibility in our community.

General Information

Member service centers

Our policy is to place CalSTRS member service centers within LEED certified facilities or spaces. These satellite offices share features such as:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Public transportation proximity
  • Indoor air quality
  • Chemical free construction finishes