Benefits Planning

Benefits planning


CalSTRS shares your retirement goal – a secure financial future. Whether you’re just starting your career or you’ve been enjoying it for a while, CalSTRS is here to help you understand the benefits and services available to you.

COVID-19 updates

Our members are concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak and so are we. At this time, all CalSTRS offices are closed. We encourage the use of and to take care of many of your information and account needs.

To protect our members in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to continue to serve your retirement planning needs, CalSTRS is offering telephone benefits planning sessions and webinars. To register, please call 800-228-5453, between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Calls from CalSTRS will most likely show up as a blocked number. During a time when you are expecting a call from CalSTRS, please answer calls from blocked numbers so that we can better serve you.

In-person workshops are not being scheduled at this time due to COVID-19. Please see the CalSTRS webinars and benefits planning sessions pages for more details.

Stay updated on our COVID-19 information page.


Part-Time Educator Event

Are you unsure about what benefits you have with CalSTRS? Join us for our 2021 Part-Time Educator Event to learn what CalSTRS benefits you do have, and how you can supplement your retirement income with CalSTRS Pension2.

Part-time Educator

Want to find out more about the CalSTRS benefits and services you have access to as a part-time educator? In this webinar, you’ll compare the two benefit programs that may be available to you and determine which program you’re paying into. You’ll learn about how to increase your retirement income, the importance of supplemental savings, and considerations to keep in mind throughout your career. You’re helping students build their future, don’t forget about yours.

Start Saving Now with Pension2®

If you’re like the average part-time educator, you’ll likely receive approximately 38% of your final salary as your CalSTRS retirement benefit. Financial experts suggest replacing 80% to 90% of your salary in order to retire comfortably. Due to this gap, you’ll need to save additional money for retirement. In this webinar, you’ll learn about CalSTRS Pension2, a supplemental savings plan to help you meet your retirement income goals. You’ll understand how valuable saving even a little money today can benefit you by the time you retire. Plus, you’ll learn how to compare Pension2 to the other plans your employer offers. Our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable retirement. Saving with Pension2 is a large piece of that puzzle.

General Information

New Educator Event

Did you know you have a defined benefit that can provide monthly income for the rest of your life?

Learn more about your CalSTRS benefits during our 2021 New Educator Event designed specifically for new educators.

Register now for both webinars and take an active part in your retirement.

My Retirement System

Start Saving Now with Pension2


CalSTRS webinars

CalSTRS offers webinars that are designed for early, mid-career or nearing retirement.  Register today so you plan ahead by better understanding your CalSTRS benefits.

Review and select the workshop that is best suited for you.


Getting started

CalSTRS is your retirement plan. We’re here for you. Take a few minutes to learn more about your benefits and steps you can take now for your secure future.


Financial awareness

Learn what it takes to secure the retirement lifestyle you want through our series of interactive workshops.


Benefits planning services

CalSTRS offers various services to help you learn about your CalSTRS benefits and actively plan for retirement throughout your career.