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Teacher Talk is a series of profiles on California teachers and other educators.

Teacher Talk

Bob Brown, Retired 2014, Simi Valley Unified School District
Former math teacher promotes importance of listening

Retired teacher Bob Brown stands on a cliff, next to a lake.

In 2017, retired high school math teacher Bob Brown and his wife Elizabeth discovered the Empathy Tent during an event in Los Angeles and found their calling in retirement.

The Empathy Tent—a pop-up canopy set up in public spaces—encourages constructive dialogue among people with different views to de-escalate and connect. It was started by San Francisco Bay Area resident Edwin Rutsch, the founding director of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy.

Teacher Talk

Kristina Shea, Rio Linda High School
Special education teacher brings attention to what her students can do

Education specialist Kristina Shea stands in front of water and rocky terrain.

Kristina Shea has worked the last four years as an education specialist at Rio Linda High School and is proud of the progress her students make. “When my freshmen get to me, they often don’t know the whole alphabet. We set them to read and teach them to do math, or even just how to recognize colors. We have all different ages of learners. They’re constantly growing.”

Her students are all high school age and most have moderate to severe intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome or autism.

Teacher Talk

Michael Wing, Sir Francis Drake High School, San Anselmo
Science teacher shares how to land grants, writes book

Science teacher Michael Wing is in the Arctic.

From the Galapagos Islands to Alaska and from Finland to the Arctic, Michael Wing has traveled all over the world bringing science lessons back to his students thanks to grants that allow him to do fieldwork during his travels. He’s even written a book in the pursuit of his passion for science and teaching that helps guide others to do the same.