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CalSTRS headquarters

Tall, blue CalSTRS building

Our West Sacramento Headquarters symbolizes CalSTRS’ promise to sustainability while it provides our employees and visitors with a healthy, stimulating and supportive workplace.

The 17 story, 409,000 square foot building has maintained its US Green Building LEED® Platinum certification since 2011. The energy efficient building features and the participation of our employees in “green” building practices strengthen and advance environmental responsibility in our community.

Some of the building’s efficient features include:

  • An Energy Star score of 94-99
  • Daytime custodial services
  • Chemical-free cleaning, construction materials and products
  • Organics waste diversion program
  • Native/adaptive landscaping
  • Close proximity to public transit

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LEED certification

U.S. Green Building Council logo.

In September 2015, CalSTRS headquarters building received its second certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 2009 at the Platinum level.

Significant achievements in water use reduction, energy efficiency practices, sustainable purchasing and solid waste management were critical to this certification process.

Waterfront gardens

CalSTRS waterfront gardens sign

CalSTRS Waterfront Gardens was introduced in 2015. The gardens’ harvests supplement our café with seasonal, organic produce.

Besides enhancing our café menu, the garden provides the opportunity for employees to participate in the planting process each season while learning gardening tips from the on-site farmer.


Native drought-tolerant landscape

Green sustainability garden

CalSTRS headquarters is surrounded by native and adaptive landscaping.

Because the plants, bushes and trees are native to the region, they are drought-tolerant and require very little maintenance. With advanced irrigation technology, CalSTRS alleviates the need to water during the winter months.

Below are a few of those plants you can find in our landscaping:

  • Rosemary Tuscan Blue
  • Moreas
  • Miscanthus Variegated
  • Dwarf Deer Grass
  • Morea Bicolor

Waste diversion and organics waste

CalSTRS diverts more than 95% of its waste from the landfill each month. The extensive recycling system includes mixed recyclables and an organic waste program.

Organic waste such as leftover food, soiled paper products, dead plants and flowers are processed by an anaerobic digester and into a biofuel product or negative-carbon fuel to power a fleet of trucks.