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CalSTRS key personnel

As of June 30, 2023

Board members

While the governor of the State of California does not make investment decisions on behalf of CalSTRS, CalSTRS regulations governing investment relationships and campaign contributions found at Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Sections 24010-24013, extend to the Governor and candidates for the office of Governor. The regulations also extend to candidates for the Board as well as the Controller, Treasurer, Superintendent of Public Education and candidates for those offices. Delegates to the ex-officio members may be subject to change.

Harry M. KeileyBoard Chair
Sharon HendricksBoard Vice Chair
Denise BradfordBoard Member
Karen YamamotoBoard Member
William PrezantBoard Member
Ken TangBoard Member
Jennifer UrdanBoard Member
Michael GunningBoard Member
Malia CohenEx-Officio, State Controller
Joe StephenshawEx-Officio, Director of Finance
Gayle MillerDelegate
Erika LiDelegate
Richard GillihanDelegate
Kari KrogsengDelegate
Michele PerraultDelegate
Cheryl McCormickDelegate
Thomas ToddDelegate
Lisa MierczynskiDelegate
Amy JarvisDelegate
Chris FergusonDelegate
Erica GonzalesDelegate
Teresa CalvertDelegate
Adam DorseyDelegate
Matt AlmyDelegate
Sally LukenbillDelegate
Sergio AguilarDelegate
Guadalupe ManriquezDelegate
Iliana RamosDelegate
Jennifer WhitakerDelegate
Fiona MaEx-Officio, State Treasurer
Patrick HenningDelegate
Frank RuffinoDelegate
Tony ThurmondEx-Officio, Supt. Of Public Instruction
Blake JohnsonDelegate

General & investment staff

This list includes staff who may be involved with investment decisions. It is not an exhaustive list of every CalSTRS staff member.

CalSTRS staffPosition
Cassandra LichnockChief Executive Officer
Christopher AilmanChief Investment Officer
Scott ChanDeputy Chief Investment Officer
April WilcoxDirector of Investment Services
Geraldine JimenezSenior Investment Director
Michael DiReSenior Investment Director
Glenn HosokawaDirector of Fixed Income
June KimDirector Global Equity
Kirsty JenkinsonDirector of Sustainable Investment & Stewardship Strategies
Margot WirthDirector of Private Equity
Paul ShanticDirector of Inflation Sensitive
Steven TongDirector of Risk Mitigating Strategies
Kelly CrissHead of Investment Operations
Shifat HasanHead of Investment Performance & Compliance
Michael WestonCareer Executive Assignment
Aeisha MastagniPortfolio Manager
Aizaz AliPortfolio Manager
Albert YongPortfolio Manager
Benjamin WangPortfolio Manager
Brian RicePortfolio Manager
Bruce DeutschPortfolio Manager
Carlos MonfiglioPortfolio Manager
Carrie LoPortfolio Manager
Cathy DiSalvoPortfolio Manager
Charles FitzpatrickPortfolio Manager
Dan DepnerPortfolio Manager
Daniel ClarkPortfolio Manager
Daniel LauPortfolio Manager
David GoldPortfolio Manager
David MurphyPortfolio Manager
Debra NgPortfolio Manager
Don PalmieriPortfolio Manager
Geetha AraniPortfolio Manager
Georgia PappasPortfolio Manager
Glen BlacetPortfolio Manager
Hank ThomasPortfolio Manager
Ian McCartyPortfolio Manager
Jason CrawfordPortfolio Manager
Jeffrey JaroPortfolio Manager
John Charles-GishPortfolio Manager
Josh DiedeschPortfolio Manager
Julie DoneganPortfolio Manager
Michael McGowanPortfolio Manager
Michael WarmerdamPortfolio Manager
Mitch PleisPortfolio Manager
Nick AbelPortfolio Manager
Ray VennerPortfolio Manager
Robert RossPortfolio Manager
Rosemary LucchesiniPortfolio Manager
Sally StocksPortfolio Manager
Seth HallPortfolio Manager
Tom BakerPortfolio Manager
Wilson YeePortfolio Manager
Amanda ColemanAssociate Portfolio Manager
Anthony KennedyAssociate Portfolio Manager
Anthony SchmitzAssociate Portfolio Manager
Christopher PrestonAssociate Portfolio Manager
Dante MalviniAssociate Portfolio Manager
Darin YiAssociate Portfolio Manager
Delfina PalomoAssociate Portfolio Manager
Dianna DeanAssociate Portfolio Manager
Douglas ChenAssociate Portfolio Manager
Edgar RamirezAssociate Portfolio Manager
Geetika MisraAssociate Portfolio Manager
Greg ArendtAssociate Portfolio Manager
Harmony KingstonAssociate Portfolio Manager
Henry HaAssociate Portfolio Manager
Haytham ShariefAssociate Portfolio Manager
Jackie LiuAssociate Portfolio Manager
Jennifer EnosAssociate Portfolio Manager
Joshua UngarAssociate Portfolio Manager
Justin WilesAssociate Portfolio Manager
Kari Salazar-MaynardAssociate Portfolio Manager
Katherine RodotaAssociate Portfolio Manager
Kimberly McDonnellAssociate Portfolio Manager
Marketa OstadalovaAssociate Portfolio Manager
Matthew LisonbeeAssociate Portfolio Manager
Madison DorisAssociate Portfolio Manager
Matthew SchroederAssociate Portfolio Manager
Melissa Da RoncoAssociate Portfolio Manager
Mike DuniganAssociate Portfolio Manager
Mike YagerAssociate Portfolio Manager
Nadiath AdechoubouAssociate Portfolio Manager
Nile GarritsonAssociate Portfolio Manager
Orintheo SwaniganAssociate Portfolio Manager
Pedro Ferrer deMoraisAssociate Portfolio Manager
Sarah MaileAssociate Portfolio Manager
Sean EhrlichAssociate Portfolio Manager
Sharon JouAssociate Portfolio Manager
Shawn WebsterAssociate Portfolio Manager
Simranjit DhillonAssociate Portfolio Manager
Vanessa MorrisAssociate Portfolio Manager
Wayne YimAssociate Portfolio Manager
Adriana GutierrezInvestment Officer
Aidan HunterInvestment Officer
Alex GlaeserInvestment Officer
Alicia McClainInvestment Officer
Alicia OsbornInvestment Officer
Allison PriorInvestment Officer
Andrey GolubInvestment Officer
Angela TranInvestment Officer
April UyematsuInvestment Officer
Arthur MaInvestment Officer
Carlos MacielInvestment Officer
Catrina San JuanInvestment Officer
Christopher EllisInvestment Officer
Christopher LouieInvestment Officer
Christopher MooreInvestment Officer
Christopher SinghInvestment Officer
Cristine ChanInvestment Officer
Daniel ThaiInvestment Officer
David MunozInvestment Officer
Debora GreenInvestment Officer
Denny YoungInvestment Officer
Diego SanchezInvestment Officer
Edward ChrisenInvestment Officer
Edwin ChuInvestment Officer
Eli BradaricInvestment Officer
Emilio NavarreteInvestment Officer
Erica HogansInvestment Officer
Gabriel DeMesaInvestment Officer
Gina TavarezInvestment Officer
Guldip DhillonInvestment Officer
Harshini PereraInvestment Officer
Helena PosnerInvestment Officer
Hiep TranInvestment Officer
Huy NgoInvestment Officer
IBK AinaInvestment Officer
Ilena DrakeInvestment Officer
Jacqueline MwitiInvestment Officer
Jake O’HaganInvestment Officer
James HagertyInvestment Officer
Jessie KongInvestment Officer
Jimmy GarciaInvestment Officer
Joakim MahlbergInvestment Officer
Joanne TaylorInvestment Officer
Jose PaniaguaInvestment Officer
Julie SongInvestment Officer
Justin BosleyInvestment Officer
Karen TuasonInvestment Officer
Katie LeeInvestment Officer
Kate WallenInvestment Officer
Khoi NguyenInvestment Officer
Kimmie NicolasInvestment Officer
Krishneel KrishnaInvestment Officer
Kristian AltierInvestment Officer
LaShae BadelitaInvestment Officer
Lilit ArakelyanInvestment Officer
Lucy YangInvestment Officer
Mami WongInvestment Officer
Marcella TedlaInvestment Officer
Marina KongInvestment Officer
Mark MelvaniInvestment Officer
Matt SahaInvestment Officer
Matt ToepelInvestment Officer
Matthew SchottInvestment Officer
Mauricio SmithInvestment Officer
Melanie GuzmanInvestment Officer
Michael CarlsonInvestment Officer
Michael WilsonInvestment Officer
Michel PaniaguaInvestment Officer
Miguel UribeInvestment Officer
Misty WatsonInvestment Officer
Mohammad QuaderInvestment Officer
Monica RobinsonInvestment Officer
Mylene WuInvestment Officer
Nicholas ClydeInvestment Officer
Nicholas KoehlerInvestment Officer
Nicholas SweetInvestment Officer
Nicole YamamotoInvestment Officer
Rajveer DhanoaInvestment Officer
Ralph SmithInvestment Officer
Ramona MarzionInvestment Officer
Rehka VaitlaInvestment Officer
Richard MorganInvestment Officer
Robert CoreyInvestment Officer
Ron LeuInvestment Officer
Ryan BrownInvestment Officer
Ryan PhillipsInvestment Officer
Samantha PhanInvestment Officer
Samantha SamsonInvestment Officer
Sanjay SinghInvestment Officer
Saphira TranInvestment Officer
Scott HuckellInvestment Officer
Selina MuasyaInvestment Officer
Shivi KrishnaInvestment Officer
Solomiya WilliamsInvestment Officer
Sonia SanchezInvestment Officer
Stacey ReichenbergInvestment Officer
Stefanie MezaInvestment Officer
Taylor HenryInvestment Officer
Taylor TsaoInvestment Officer
Thomas WillardsenInvestment Officer
Tiffany LauInvestment Officer
Tiffany VispettoInvestment Officer
Timothy SmithInvestment Officer
Tyler RicoInvestment Officer
Wayne ChungInvestment Officer
Zang ThaoInvestment Officer