Additional services

General Information

For more information about benefits planning services, call 800-228-5453 and select option 3.

Forms drop-off

To improve the services provided to members, applications and all CalSTRS forms can be dropped off at certain local benefits planning offices.

Before submitting forms

  • Review all forms to ensure accuracy. If you need assistance completing a form, please call us at 800-228-5453.
  • Copy all forms for your personal records.
  • Find a Local Benefits Planning Office that accepts CalSTRS forms.
    • Forms may not be accepted at all locations. If “Forms drop-off” is not listed as a service offered at an office, select another office.
    • Form drop-off hours vary by location.

Walk-in assistance

Need help completing a form? Want to pick up hard copies of CalSTRS publications? Visit a Member Service Center for general assistance.

Important: Members are helped on a first come, first served basis and do not receive estimates or benefits planning sessions without a scheduled appointment.

Additional estimates

Have you attended a CalSTRS and Your Retirement or other benefits planning session in the last year? Have your circumstances changed and you only need an updated estimate? If so, call 800-228-5453 and select option 3. CalSTRS will prepare and mail an updated estimate. This service is provided in lieu of a benefits planning session.

Important: It can take 14-21 business days for your estimate to be mailed. This service is only available to members who are eligible to retire and previously attended a benefits planning session.