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Nonsubstantive amendments to 5 CCR, Division 3 for removal of gendered pronouns

CalSTRS proposes to make revisions within Title 5, Division 3 of the California Code of Regulations. These are not substantive changes pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act and Title 1, Section 100 of the California Code of Regulations.

The proposed revisions consist of the removal of gendered pronouns to align with the goal of using terminology that is inclusive of all transgender people and nonbinary people who many not ascribe to a particular or fixed gender, or people who otherwise use different pronouns. CalSTRS has identified various instances of gendered pronouns within its regulations and is making revisions to those pronouns with grammatical techniques noted by the California Legislature in its resolution indicating that “state agencies should engage in … efforts to use gender-neutral pronouns and avoid the use of gendered pronouns when drafting policies, regulations, and other guidance… .” (Chapter 190, Statutes of 2018) 

The proposed revisions remove gendered pronouns in reference to the vice chairperson of the Teachers’ Retirement Board, CalSTRS members, the CalSTRS chief executive officer, and CalSTRS officers, employees or current Teachers’ Retirement Board members without altering the requirements, rights or responsibilities of the individuals referenced by those gendered pronouns.

Nonsubstantive Changes to Text of 5 CCR, Division 3Explanatory Statement