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Online calculator use disclaimer

The Retirement Benefits calculator only provides an estimate of your future retirement benefits. The estimate is non-binding between you and CalSTRS. All benefits are determined by Teachers’ Retirement Law.

The Redeposit Cost, Permissive Service Credit and Finance calculators estimate purchase costs only. The estimate is non-binding between you and CalSTRS.

Here’s how the calculators work:

  1. You provide the correct information.
  2. Assumptions are made based on your information.
  3. The law takes precedence in any conflict between information you provide and the law. 

Contact CalSTRS to:

  • Obtain actual purchase costs.
  • Establish a receivable account.
  • Obtain official billing information.

Do not send payments based on calculations you make using any CalSTRS online calculator.

You make the final decision on what type and how much service credit you want to purchase. See the CalSTRS Member Handbook for detailed information.