Pension Abuse Reporting

Pension Abuse Reporting Hotline


CalSTRS is dedicated to preventing pension spiking.

A toll-free hotline has been established enabling anyone—the public, CalSTRS members, school district and county office of education employees—to report suspicions of pension spiking to CalSTRS.

General Information

Reporting Suspected Abuse

You may report suspected pension spiking in three ways:

  • Phone
    Contact CalSTRS toll free at: 855-844-2468

    Calls will be answered by CalSTRS staff Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or sent to an optional voicemail box.
  • Mail
    Send a letter to the following address:

    California State Teachers’ Retirement System
    P.O. Box 15275, MS 16
    Sacramento, CA 95851-0275

Anonymous Reporting

All reports are anonymous.

Review of Suspected Spiking

A CalSTRS member must always be afforded due process because a resulting action could have significant implications on their retirement income for life.

A dedicated team is tasked with identifying and resolving instances of potential spiking, and will conduct a deliberate and exhaustive review of all suspected instances.