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Pension2 watch list

The CalSTRS Pension2 watch list details which of our current investment options we are concerned with and watching closely. Options placed on the list may, based on our monitoring criteria, later be removed from the watch list or removed/replaced from our available investment options.

The following investment options are currently on the watch list:

American Funds Growth Fund of America (RGAGX)

Added to the watchlist in the first quarter of 2023 due to underperformance for the one, three and five-year relative to its benchmark.

GMO Global Equity Asset Allocation (GMADX)

Maintained on the watchlist as of second quarter of 2019 due to sub-par performance to it's benchmark and category average. As of the first quarter of 2023, the funds performance for the one-year was relative to it's peer group, but is still underperforming the three and five-year average. Will continue to monitor.