Responsible Contractor Bidding Opportunities

Responsible Contractor Bidding Opportunities


CalSTRS, through the Responsible Contractor Policy, supports and encourages fair wages and benefits for workers employed by its contractors and subcontractors, subject to fiduciary principles concerning duties of loyalty and prudence, both of which further require competitive returns on CalSTRS’ investments.

In an effort to implement a fair and open bidding process for all to access work on our projects, CalSTRS created the Responsible Contractor Bidding Opportunities portal to announce upcoming work on our development and service projects.

CalSTRS hosts the website for contractors and labor organizations to find bidding opportunities posted by our Business Partners.

Visit the Responsible Contractor Bidding Opportunities portal.

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Responsible Contractor Bidding Portal Webinar

Responsible Contractor Bidding Portal Webinar

Learn how to use the RCP Web Portal to find construction and building services bidding opportunities for CalSTRS-sponsored real estate projects.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how the portal connects you to CalSTRS-sponsored construction and service projects.
  • Hear from a CalSTRS Real Estate Investment Portfolio Manager on how our business partners are using the portal.
  • See a demo of the portal’s features, including how to find job postings by trade.