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Survey results show that satisfaction among CalSTRS members remains high

Every year, CalSTRS conducts a survey of active and retired members to assess their satisfaction with CalSTRS’ staff and service.

This is in addition to ongoing point of service surveys, where about nine out of 10 members reported high satisfaction with CalSTRS.

The annual survey reflected more good news.

A majority of respondents—64%—reported being "satisfied" or "completely satisfied" with CalSTRS.

The survey asked respondents to reflect on their satisfaction over the previous year, and 2022 saw higher inflation and rising interest rates—external variables that commonly influence customer sentiment toward financial service providers.

In the annual survey, older respondents reported higher levels of satisfaction and engagement than younger respondents, a consistent trend. Respondents who interacted with CalSTRS staff reported higher levels of satisfaction with CalSTRS than those who did not interact.

The survey was emailed to a random sample of 126,189 active and retired members beginning January 11, 2023, and closed on February 8, 2023. There were 3,765 respondents, representing 2,550 active and 1,215 retired members.

The oldest respondent was 99 years old, the youngest was 22 and the average age was 55.

This survey demonstrates CalSTRS’ ongoing commitment to improvement and self-evaluation based on feedback from California’s public school educators.