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Sustainability Report helps CalSTRS protect your financial future

Pension Sense blog | April 11, 2024 | Barbara Zumwalt

Sustainability report

CalSTRS has been here for more than a century, and we’re working hard to make sure we're around long into the future. One way we measure this work is through our Sustainability Report, an easy-to-read, annual snapshot of organizational sustainability. The report includes details about how we live up to our mission, vision and values and is designed to keep you informed about our efforts to protect your retirement.

The accomplishments outlined in the 2022–23 report build on an already strong foundation for future success. We report on key sustainability topics, including:

  • Retirement education
  • The progress of the CalSTRS Funding Plan
  • Privacy and information security
  • The path to net zero
  • Sustainable operations
  • Workforce management and employee wellness
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

Report highlights

Member retirement education

Our members who retired during the last full fiscal year received, on average, 56% of their highest compensation. Since you’ll likely need additional income in retirement, supplemental savings are essential. To help you and your peers close this gap, we want to connect with you as soon as possible in your career to promote better retirement security.

CalSTRS Pension2® is our voluntary defined contribution plan offering low-cost 403(b), 457(b), Roth 403(b) and 457(b) plans, and we’ll continue to remind and inform you about these options through various retirement readiness resources, including newsletters, member toolkits, webinars, videos, benefit planning sessions and online calculators.

CalSTRS Funding Plan progress

We are slightly ahead of schedule to reach full funding for the Defined Benefit Program by 2046. Full funding means we’ll have the assets to make all the anticipated payments to current and future retirees and beneficiaries.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We participate in diversity and inclusion efforts internally and across the investment management industry. Research shows that diverse points of view lead to more thoughtful and better decision-making throughout the organization. This leads to a greater likelihood of positive returns to grow the Teachers’ Retirement Fund.

The Sustainability Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, recognized as a global best practice for increasing organizational transparency. This is the 10th year we’ve issued this report.

We know you’re focused on your daily, weekly and yearly goals as an educator, as you should be. We’ll take care of being sustainable and forward-thinking on behalf of you and your loved ones.

For information on how to reach CalSTRS, visit the contact us webpage.