The Value of Engagements

The value of engagements


CalSTRS invests a multi-billion dollar fund in a unique and complex social-economic milieu and recognizes we can neither operate nor invest in a vacuum. As a significant investor with a long-term investment horizon, engagement is a critical tool used by the CalSTRS Sustainable Investment and Stewardship Strategies team to influence changes in public policies and corporate practices that support long-term value creation.

We engage, through meetings, letters, shareholder proposals, investor coalitions and proxy voting, to influence companies to adopt best practices in managing environmental, social and governance issues to create sustainable businesses. We also engage policymakers to codify strong governance practices that improve the financial market landscape for long-term investors and their beneficiaries. Our history of engagement activities has resulted in better relationships and outcomes across global industries.

Updates on ongoing and current engagements are listed in the following fact sheet:

The Value of CalSTRS Engagements - Q1 2020

For additional background information on the many global coalitions and initiatives in which we participate, reference this document.

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