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Videos about educators focus on CalSTRS mission

Just as the work of a teacher goes beyond class lessons, the work of the Teachers' Retirement Board goes beyond discussions at public meetings.

To keep the mission of CalSTRS front and center, regular board meetings since September 2022 have begun with a video highlighting a member. These videos feature educators from various parts of the state, from early in their careers to securely retired.

These videos are important not only for the board, but for each CalSTRS employee and everyone who is interested in the board’s purpose and activities. They set the tone for the meetings and show how seriously CalSTRS takes its mission of securing the financial future and sustaining the trust of California's educators.

Watch the videos on Some excerpts:

  • Samantha Nunes, a third-year elementary teacher was thrilled after attending an individual benefits planning session and reminds all teachers, "retirement is your future."
  • Dolly Sandoval, who taught math for more than 25 years, is "newly retired and loving life." She attended several workshops that showed her ways to increase her benefits. 
  • Lance Gunnersen, a trades and industry instructor for 27 years, reminds fellow CalSTRS members that "retirement's knocking on the door at some point," so don't let it sneak up on you.
  • Jessica Pagan, a first-grade teacher for 15 years, is grateful knowing her contributions to Pension2® are "growing as my career grows."

Just as teachers care passionately about every student, CalSTRS cares deeply for every member.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself to be featured in a video, email, and put "teacher video" in the subject field.