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CalSTRS continues to champion diversity in investment management

Investment interns
Since 2016, CalSTRS has mentored student investment interns from diverse backgrounds that are typically underrepresented on Wall Street. The 2022 Investments interns are shown with Chief Investment Officer Christopher J. Ailman, right.


CalSTRS updated the Teachers’ Retirement Board on initiatives promoting diversity in investment management by highlighting the annual progress and accomplishments of the Diversity in the Management of Investments strategy for calendar year 2022.

CalSTRS believes building teams that exhibit diversity, equity and inclusion is essential to achieving CalSTRS’ financial objectives. People of varying experience, background, skills, gender, race, culture—indeed, all the ways people can differ from one another—are key to generating a diversity of thought that leads to better decision-making and, ultimately, better results.

For more than three decades, CalSTRS has integrated diversity in the management of investments through various initiatives across the total fund. And since 2011, CalSTRS has published an annual progress report of its Diversity in the Management of Investments strategy. The most recent report covers the year 2022 and outlines CalSTRS' continued momentum behind three core pillars:

  • Investments Branch.
  • Portfolio company engagement.
  • Portfolio management.

One area of pride is CalSTRS’ summer investment internship program for students from diverse backgrounds that are typically underrepresented on Wall Street. Since 2016, student participants have learned about investments in all asset classes, gaining real-world experience. To date, CalSTRS has hired 17 interns as full-time staff.

The Investments Branch plans to present a Diversity in the Management of Investments work plan to the Investment Committee this fall. The work plan will include highlights of what industry leaders consider the best diversity, equity and inclusion practices.

Learn more about CalSTRS’ commitment to Diversity in the Management of Investments.