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Retirement after reinstatement enhancements FAQ

Many CalSTRS retirees find that they wish or need to return to employment in the California public school system while continuing to receive their retirement benefits. Others make the decision to forgo their retirement benefit for the time being and return to active status. If they wait at least two years to re-retire, they may be eligible for certain benefit enhancements, as described below.

How do I reinstate to active service? 

Request termination of your retirement allowance using the Reinstatement After Retirement form.

What happens if I reinstate and re-retire? 

You may reinstate, perform an additional two or more years of service credit* after the most recent reinstatement, and accumulate the total service credit shown below to qualify for the following enhanced benefits when you again retire from service if you are a 2% at 60 member:

Service CreditEnhancements (CalSTRS 2% at 60 members only)
25 or more yearsOne-year final compensation
30 yearsOne-year final compensation, career factor (additional 0.2 percent added to age factor)
31 yearsOne-year final compensation, career factor
32 yearsOne-year final compensation, career factor, and $400 longevity bonus if eligible as of December 31, 2010

*Important note: Service credit excludes unused sick leave service credit, retirement incentive or nonqualified service credit. Members who do not reinstate for at least two years before retiring again and, therefore, do not qualify for the benefit enhancements still may be eligible for an increased age factor, career bonus and/or higher final compensation upon retirement.

I am retired and considering reinstating. If I currently have an option, will it apply to my subsequent retirement? 

Yes. If you elected an option, upon your reinstatement your election will become a preretirement election of an option. This means that if you die while an active member, your wishes for an ongoing benefit for your survivor will be carried out.

Alternatively, you may choose to cancel the option following reinstatement or elect a different option after one calendar year has elapsed following your reinstatement and before your subsequent retirement. Remember, if you choose to change or cancel an option, normal assessment rules will apply.

For more information on assessments, see the Member Handbook.

Also, if you retired with a Member-Only Benefit, you may elect a preretirement election of an option after one calendar year has elapsed following reinstatement and before your subsequent date of retirement. You may also choose to wait and elect an option at retirement.

When can I re-retire after my reinstatement? 

You may re-retire as early as one day after your reinstatement date.

How do I get an estimate of the benefit I will receive if I re-retire at least two years after I reinstate to active service? 

You may submit a request for an estimate either by writing to CalSTRS or by calling CalSTRS at 800-228-5453.

How do I submit a reinstatement request? 

To reinstate to active member status, you must complete and submit the Reinstatement After Retirement form.