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Teacher Talk is a series of profiles on California teachers and other educators.

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Marilyn Reynolds, Retired 1993, Alhambra Unified School District
Her career beyond school includes teen fiction

Author Marilyn Reynolds

For nearly 30 years, Marilyn Reynolds taught reading at a continuation high school in Southern California. This helped shape her writing career that includes 10 books of realistic teen fiction in her True-to-Life Series From Hamilton High. The books focus on troubled teens and also earned her an Emmy nomination for a TV adaptation of one of her stories. She continues working with at-risk youth, helping them find their voices through creative writing.

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Peggy Nemeth, Riverdale High School
English teacher supported students starting Gay Straight Alliance

Peggy Nemeth is an English and AVID teacher at Riverdale High School in Fresno County.

She’s a runner, a coach, an adviser to the school Gay Straight Alliance, a believer in her students and a rapper.

Peggy Nemeth, an English teacher at Riverdale High School in Fresno County, doesn’t do freestyle rap. “I have a terrible memory. I tell most of my kids they’re smarter than me. I memorize rap songs just so I can entertain them. I reward them with it.”

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Hervey A. Taylor III, Retired, 2015, Natomas Unified School District
Former principal isn't done with education, as he works on his doctorate

Hervey A. Taylor III may be retired as a principal with Natomas, but he's not done with education. He's working on a doctorate and focusing on educational leadership, with plans to work in higher education in the future.

Retired principal Hervey A. Taylor III spent his educational career motivating and encouraging students toward the direction of success. He currently is working on a doctoral degree that focuses on educational leadership and organizational development so he can continue to be an advocate for students as they navigate through the educational system.